Rescue Alert Information & Form

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The City of Mineola wants all visitors to the Mineola Nature Preserve to remain safe at all times. So a new Rescue Alert Form has been added to the Nature Preserve website that will allow a visitor to use their cell phone to send their location to a live, local operator that can help the visitor find their way back to a campground or trail or send assistance for medical emergencies.

For quick access, bookmark the Mineola Nature Preserve website page with Rescue Alert Form link to your browser favorites now.

To use the Rescue Alert Form:

  • In your cell phone Settings, make sure Location Services are turned on.
  • In your cell phone Settings, make sure your Share My Location is turned on and check Allow Location Access in your browser websites (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • Use the link above or open your bookmarked site to access the Rescue Alert Form  or copy and paste this link
  • If prompted, allow the web page to “Use your Current Location” when page loads.
  • Fill out the form completely and select your location on the provided map, as closely as possible, or allow your cell phone’s Location Services to pinpoint your location.
  • Submit the form.
  • Immediately call 903-569-6294 to let us know that you have submitted the form and stay on the line. The person that answers will be able to see your location on a map and may be able to direct you back to a trail or send assistance if there is a medical emergency.