The Promise of Peace Garden

Advocating transformation of vacant spaces into thriving places

The Promise of Peace Gardens, a nonprofit organization, creates neighborhood and school food gardens while providing nutritional, and environmental educational opportunities for children and their families. POP feeds, connects, empowers local communities.

The POP Gardens was launched in the summer of 2009 in Dallas with a mission to create more access to nutrient dense and locally grown food while also also wanted to connecting community members with one another, and to the resources that they might want to explore and use. The organization's first garden proved that when folks gather in the garden, positive engagement does transpire and lives change. 

 After establishing and sustaining 15 food gardens in Dallas, POP founder, Elizabeth Dry visited Mineola in 2022. Impressed with the Preserve's Wildscape Garden, she imagined a food scape that could serve as the gardens had done in Dallas. She visited with City of Mineola staff about continuing POP work at the Preserve, and began planting in March of 2024 

 Promise of Peace Gardens invites you to contact them and arrange a tour or gathering to learn more about sustainable growing practices and become more informed about where our food comes from, and how to access, and prepare that food. They offer seasonal cooking classes, children's camps and events, and food prep for healthy school lunches and snacks as well. f

The Promise of Peace Garden is located just south of the playground area.

kids at pop garden